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Dragomir Acović - Serb Heraldry Society

The Bas Celik board game is a part of a well known myth based on the ancient folk understanding of human valor, challenge and heroism. The game is a successful blend of national myth and general human values, it provokes the players to put their intelligence and imagination to work. Its originality lies in the fact that it brings the vastly popular game playing that with help of Internet technology surpasses all global constrains back to the strategy and intelligence oriented gaming that you may enjoy within the circle of your family and friends. The game is thoroughly engaging, it demands player’s full attention, analytical thinking, logical and prudent decision making. Game’s dynamic spirit makes full use of surprise moments in battle-waging and also player’s fate. On the other side, the rules are common sense, logical and realistic, it allows for human weaknesses and weak points, but still keeps and rewards the optimistic and out-going spirit and allows the precious second-chance in life.

I strongly believe that the Bas Celik is a high-quality game, which alike other fine games surpasses the purpose of a pass-time and fun and offers a simulative trigger to players’ mind and spirit. It also offers and excellent reason to spend some good times with your friends, which is more than enough! Everything else around you would fade and vanish outside the realm of fantasy and gaming

Vesna Marjanović - Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade

The attractiveness and appeal of a board game depends, among other things, on the magnetism of its characters: on both their variety and on nuances of their psychological motivation, as well as on the individual experience and imagination that the players are allowed to use in guiding their characters throughout the course of the game. The crux of ‘Bas Celik’ lies in the fact the authors have entered into this ‘another world’ with both their feet, plotted and devised various intricate routs and solutions, gambits and exit strategies all in an effort to make way for communication among players in an imaginative and sophisticated manner. I welcome the ‘Bas Celik’ board game as a newcomer into the modest family of products that honor the ancient national narrative folk traditions. The game allows young players and adults alike to become immersed in the indigenous spiritual and mythic folk tales that had molded the core beliefs and heroic code of the long-past times of our ancestors.



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