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Game description

On your way you will come across the mythic creatures now forgotten, experience many hardships, re-rive the heroic quests of your ancestors, always keeping an eye on the potential treasures and precious objects that emit mystic powers. If one of your play mates own a powerful or a sacred object that you badly need, there are ways to win them away. The game enables you to play a brave part, to fight tooth and nail with various dreadful creatures or co-player and it will also teach you that sometimes it is wiser not to wage an open battle but to run away or negotiate or to secretly plot the enemy’s demise. The game’s objective is to win over Bas Celik, and to take its heart to one of the castles on the board.

However, Bas Celik in not easy to find, harder still to emerge triumphant against him, especially when all other players are set against you and your quest. Still, the hero who wins over all hardships and brings the heart of Bas Celik to the Grand Castle, becomes the ruler of all known worlds.



Bas Celik may be played in a novice or advanced player mode. New players would be well advised to try out the basic level until they become familiar with the moves and possibilities that the game offers to your imagination!



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