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Ethnographic museum of Serbia
We very appreciate most valuable help of manager Velibor Stojaković and principal Miroslav Tasić, who saw the potential of this project to represent Serbian culture in a very special way - through a board game.

Vesna Marjanović
- Ethnographic museum of Serbia

Ex 8/4 elementary school Miloš Crnjanski and their teacher Zorica Nedeljković
and of course our friends whom had been tortured by us on their own pleasure:
Snežana Ferjančić,
Zoran Džeferdanović,
Zorana Ferjančić,
Zorica Nedeljković,
Dušica Belojica,
Vojislav Bobarević,
Boško Maravić
Branislav Subotić

Globus M, Beograd

Translations for internet presentation
Volvich Susana - Russian
Jelena Drvendžija - English


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